Secourriel is a cybersecurity FinTech providing contract ready messaging for sensitive content and an instant legally binding receipt.


  • Send and receive encrypted emails using existing systems
  • Evidence of read
  • Audit trail
  • Delegation
  • Bank-grade IT security
  • Self-service portal
  • Workflow integration
  • Connection to output management systems
  • 2-Factor-Authentification
  • Fully scalable multi-platform packages (desktop, mobile) & volume

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Contract ready messaging

  • To achieve this, Secourriel provides convenience and usability without compromising on security to achieve a network effect and to grow rapidly.
  • Companies and private individuals benefit from an easy-to-use and fast-to-integrate encryption of all messaging channels (e-mail, chat, messaging).
  • Evidence of transmission immediately after sending and a second one after read/open by the recipient is provided to the sender, which is crucial in a business context where a legally binding and non-compromised communication is required to replace paper-based communication.
  • Indisputable and non-suppressible evidence of dispatch and read receipt issued by a CSSF certified PFS company.
  • State of the art, convenient multi-channel encryption solution for confidential communication.
  • Re-use of existing infrastructure and email-addresses/messaging-IDs.

Ultimate B2B tool

Broad and deep B2B functionality – unique combination in the market

  • Process integration for the financial industry is the core competence
  • Integrated into Output management/Workflow systems with eDocs – e.g. Avaloq Core Platform
  • Fits into operational model of Financial Institutions (delegation, archiving, security policies, etc.)
  • PSF compliant solution embedded, to meet CSSF requirements
  • Audit trail

Fully scalable solution

The solution is fully scalable

  • Free consumer solution
  • Professional features for commercial use
  • A powerful, fully customisable enterprise solution for mid-sized and large corporations
  • All product levels are protected by an audit trail and bank-grade IT security

How does it work?

  • The users keep their existing e-mail addresses or other communication identifiers.
  • Pre-configured, PSF-ready turnkey solution.
  • All common platforms supported: Web based, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Mac OS, Thunderbird (incl. Linux), Android, iOS.
  • Central transaction register to provide proof of dispatch and receipt to senders.
  • Integration: Plug in/ APIs and SDK available – or SaaS solution in our Tier IV data centre.

This service is highly customised for the financial industry and fully compliant with EU and Luxembourg specific regulation
(e.g. CSSF and CNPD).


Secourriel Commercial Use

  • Write hundreds of secure emails
  • Use 5 personal e-mail addresses
  • Authentication
  • Representatives
  • Audit trail
  • Transaction history
  • Free of ads (even in free version never shown during reading of secure emails)

Secourriel Enterprise Edition

  • Unlimited traffic on company level and with end-clients
  • Saas or Segregated instance in the company’s own data centre
  • Gateway – fully automatic regimail encryption and decryption working as an SMTP enabled MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)
  • Output Management Integration (e.g. bank statements, MIFID 2 documents)
  • Workflow integration/SDK
  • Individual SLAs

Secourriel Free Use

  • Write ten secure emails monthly
  • Two personal e-mail addresses
  • Mobile Apps
  • Not read reminder
  • Read notification
  • Invited new users

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  • Designed for the financial ecosystem
  • Privacy by design
  • Easy-to-use and set up – this solves the key challenge of why individuals do not use encryption
  • Incredibly short time to market due to low integration efforts
  • Leveraging of existing client infrastructure and market standards
  • Unfolds the potential of eCommerce communication practices for the financial industry
  • Bank grade IT security: solution is completely run in a Luxembourg Tier IV data centre and matches secure operations and development procedures compliant to CSSF and CNPD regulation
  • Covers all non-standardised processes which cannot be covered by proprietary eBanking platforms or where it is too costly
  • Addresses typical needs of business organisations: delegation, interaction within closed groups, admin procedures, audit trail
  • Eco friendly – replaces paper-based processes used for legally binding communication
  • Proven technology in use in other sectors

Use cases – Sectors

  • Law firms
  • Transport & Travel

– Travel arrangements for VIPs,

– Air Rescue with medical data

  • Health
  • Trade secrecy and IP protection

– Patent Attorneys,

– Industry,

– Pharmaceutical,

– Cross-company working groups

  • Business centers (mail forwarding)
  • All other sectors with data protection needs

Use cases – Financial ecosystem

  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Family Offices
  • (External) Asset Managers
  • Certified Financial Planners
  • Investment Firms/Management Companies
  • Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Fiduciaries
  • Accountants
  • Data centres, software vendors offering Wealth Management or Output Management Solutions
  • Print shops, KYC service agencies – plus B2C, the end-clients of these institutions

Our team

Jorg Reinking

Jorg Reinking


Jorg is a passionate entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in the financial industry and having led various strategy and IT projects.
He has moved from Germany to Luxembourg in 2014 with his business consulting firm. In 2017 he founded Secourriel, a cybersecurity FinTech.

Vlad Centea

Vlad Centea


Vlad is a Senior Project Executive, with 20+years’ experience in IT and 11+ in the financial sector. With an entrepreneurial mindset and results oriented attitude he managed successfully multi-million strategic projects/accounts, increasing the gross profit and optimizing the costs.

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Secourriel highlighted in the cybersecurity category of the Luxembourgish fintech map: The LHoFT – 1 March 2018

Secourriel listed among the regtech of luxembourg: Delano – 5 February 2018

Secourriel était au Forum FinTech à Paris : Luxemburger Wort -1 February 2018 

Extrait de l’interview avec Secourriel : Luxemburger Wort -1 February 2018 

Financial Technology Ecosystem keys challenges interview: The LHoFT – 15 January 2018

Referenced within the Luxembourgish major source for cybersecuritySecuritymadein – 2018


Secourriel is now connected with members of the financial sector: Paperjam – December 14, 2017

Secourriel listed in the biggest association FinTech Map: ABBL – December 2017

Why did I create Secourriel: Crunchtime – 2017

Secourriel S.A.

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Legal notice

Secourriel S.A. is a stock corporation (société anonyme) incorporated under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with principal office in Luxembourg city/Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It is registered with the chamber of commerce (‘Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés’, RCS) in Luxembourg under No B213302 and licensed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (Autorisation d’établissement de Ministère de l’Économie) under No 10076647/1. The national value added tax identification number is LU29251157.

The Management Board and Chairman of the supervisory board is Jorg Reinking (Founder and CEO).

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